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Dare to Drive.

The 912 was the first and purest generation of Porsche. KAMM has improved on existing perfection to create the 912c, a car that provides a classically analogue experience for discerning drivers.

Whilst we engineer in performance we also retain and enhance usability in every element, encouraging owners to take to the street as well as the track. Every KAMM thrives in being used, the resulting patina telling a story. Owning a 912c adds a new chapter to your own tale.

Autocar Magazine: It’s a 'Saturday morning thrash up a mountainside canyon road to a coffee shop' sort of car. Immersive like a Caterham.


The 912c.

The 912c.

Less is More. KAMM creates lightweight cars designed to be driven. The driver is presented with all they require for the sport of driving, and no more. Improving on perfection, without compromise, we build on existing greatness to create the stunning 750kg, 190hp 912c with an enviable specification.


  • Fully restored donor car with reinforced body and chassis
  • Option of semi or full carbon fibre body
  • Lightweight Lexan polycarbonate windows
  • Original equipment body trim
  • KAMM carbon fibre racing mirrors


  • 912, 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder JPS Aircooled 616 engine
  • High-compression 10.5
  • Fast road/ trackday tune: 190 hp, max revs 7200rpm
  • KAMM electronic fuel injection and throttle bodies
  • KAMM carbon Carrera cooling
  • KAMM stainless steel exhaust system or titanium – Inconel option
  • Life Racing ECU and PDM


  • 901 5-speed with dogleg gate pattern

  • Option of long-range for road use, or close ratio for motorsport use

  • ZF Limited Slip Differential

  • Porsche aluminium, hydraulic, racing clutch

  • KAMM gearshift lever and linkage


  • Tractive-based KAMM semi-active front and rear coilover suspension: Multi-stage electronically adjustable suspension via a 5-position analogue dial located in the cabin which had been pre-set by KAMM engineers for the perfect road and track balance. 
  • AP racing braking system with ventilated discs and hydraulic handbrake

Wheel Options:

  • Centre-lock, 3-piece (R15 J7)
  • 5-bolt, 917 style (R15 J7), Steel-look alloy (R16 J6), heritage Fuchs (R15 J6)
  • Choice of road tyres or Yokohama semi-slick


  • KAMM bespoke carbon fibre seats
  • Optional period KAMM bucket seat (non-adjustable or semi-adjustable)
  • Optional KAMM comfort seats
  • Electronic air-conditioning
  • Lightweight carpeting
  • Carbon fibre interior trim
  • AP racing pedal box


  • Hidden speaker system, active subwoofer, and digital DSP amplifier with Bluetooth connection

CAR Magazine: A classic 4-cyl Porsche for the 21st century


Building the 912c.

The process.

Kamm is a group of engineers, restoration experts, motorsports veterans, and industry experts all with a passion for performance and the highest quality of construction. We beautifully restore every donor car to perfection, creating the perfect base template on which to build the KAMM 912c.

Steel is replaced with our own carbon fibre, seamlessly blended without trace to ensure a flawless finish, and perfect fit.

Numerous bespoke parts are designed and built at KAMM Headquarters to create the 912c, with every component designed to improve the car whilst retaining its classic feel.

Swiss motorsport experts JPS Aircooled assist with the creation of our bespoke, high-performance 4-cylinder engine resulting in ultimate reliability combined with exemplary performance.

KAMM engineers enhance the chassis, brakes suspension, wheels and tyres and replace all original elements with brand new, factory parts including lights, fixings, and rubbers.

Unlimited paint options and individual interior redesigns complete the transformation, before a thorough evaluation by KAMM Founder, Miklós Kázmér to ensure every 912c is worthy of the KAMM name.

Top Gear Magazine: Kamm strips the 912 down to the bare bones and then rebuilds it in the most featherweight way possible, replacing the entire body with carbon fibre panels and Lexan windows, while keeping the interior free from unnecessary addendums.


The reason.

The reason.

The Story. The Design. The Simplicity.

The 912c looks and feels period correct with all modern touches adding unseen improvements and enhancements. The KAMM appears to be an all-original classic, which stands up to close scrutiny.

We improve the iconic 912 without damaging its style, ethos, or character. The result is a dynamically exciting, classic racer which delights the senses whilst offering a level of comfort not found in traditional classic racing cars.

Autocar Magazine: There are a lot of restomods these days, and a lot of restored original cars, and there’s something nice about the fact that the Kamm doesn’t seem to do what other cars do. And in a niche but busy market, that feels important.


Your 912c.

Bespoke is an overused phrase, but at KAMM every car is truly built to order. We can create a car with a road bias, a track bias, or a blend of both. It can focus on comfort or performance, and It can have a roll cage and FIA seat, or room for four. The choice is yours.

After a detailed consultation with our founder Miklós Kázmér, to fully understand a buyers individual needs, every 912c is built to perform and look exactly as the owner wants it to.

PistonHeads Magazine: While it might be a familiar template, bringing together such beautiful details with a totally enthralling drive ensures the Kamm 912c isn’t far from the restomod ideal.


The origin.

Budapest has a surprisingly advanced car culture, nurtured by the desire for individuality.

During the socialistic era, drivers had to be creative when upgrading and styling whatever car they could get their hands on. This absolute love for the machinery together with the ambition to make cars as fast and slick as possible established a leading edge car scene in the Hungarian capital. 

KAMM is a proud off spring of this scene. All this passion, creativity, and ever-developing expertise are present to the last detail in every model we make. 

Our mission is to turn original classic cars into fast, reliable, and refined versions of themselves, whilst preserving their exciting analog driving experience.


The origin.