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By James Taylor 07 november 2022

Kamm 912c (2022) review: a classic 4-cyl Porsche for the 21st century

‘Above all,’ says Kamm Manufaktur founder Miki Kázmér, ‘I didn’t want to lose the car’s ’60s mojo.’

We’re standing outside the Goodwood estate, looking around the fabulously dainty little Kamm 912c. It began life as a careworn example of a 1968 Porsche 912, and it’s now beginning its second life under a new name of 912c, following a thorough engineering overhaul by new outfit Kamm Manufaktur.


By Greg Potts 28 october 2022

KAMM 912c review: the Porsche restomod, simplified

Isn’t it just. What you see here is a Porsche 912 – essentially an entry-level four-cylinder variant of the 911 that was introduced in 1965 to be the lighter, friendlier rear-engined Porsche sports car.

Well, this isn’t actually a Sixties 912. Yep, it’s yet another Porsche restomod. Though, this one does things a little differently from the Singer/Theon Design/Gunther Werks norm.It’s called the KAMM 912c, and it’s the brainchild of company founder Miklós Kázmér. His background is in filmmaking, but having fallen
in love ...


By 9WERKS TV 25 october 2022


The lightest Porsche I've ever driven… is it better than a 911?

Kamm Manufaktur has joined the restomod scene with this outrageous reimagining of the humble Porsche 912. Boasting up to 200hp from its flat four engine, this carbon-clad classic weighs only 750kg. It's the lightest Porsche I've ever driven, so can it take on a 911 as the ultimate classic?

Watch the video...

By Matt Prior 14 october 2022

Kamm Manufaktur 912c review

New Porsche restomod is exceptionally light and, with less than 200bhp, modestly powered. Does it get the blend just right?

Oh, it’s another Porsche restomod only, wait a minute, this isn’t a six-cylinder one like all of the others. Instead of starting with a Porsche 911, Budapest tuner Miklós Kázmér has taken the four-cylinder rear-engined Porsche...


By Matt Bird 13 October 2022

Kamm 912c | PH Review

Newcomer Kamm has its work cut out in a busy Porsche restomod market - can four cylinders distinguish it?

You’d like Miki Kazmer. By profession he’s a film producer, but his true passion has always been for cars, ever since helping out at a local garage as a lad. He used to race a 911, he still does compete...