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It’s all about the drive.

The first and purest generation of all times in the noble history of Porsche.

KAMM recreated the 912 to remind drivers what a true classic feels like. This quintessential limited edition is built to impress all those that get to see it, and the selected few that get to drive one.


It’s all about the drive.

The 912c.

The 912c.

KAMM improves on perfection, no compromises, building on existing greatness to create the stunning 750kg, 170 HP 912c.


  • Carbon fibre
  • Fully restored and reinforced
  • Lexan windows
  • Total weight: 750 kg


  • 912 2.0 litre, JPS Aircooled 616 engine
  • 170 HP
  • Fast road tune
  • High-compression 10.5
  • Rev limit 7200RPM
  • KAMM carbon Carrera cooling
  • Weber 44IDF carburetor
  • 123ignition
  • KAMM stainless steel exhaust system


  • KAMM Front custom coilovers
  • Rear adjustable arms
  • Adjustable front and rear sway bars
  • Adjustable front and rear dampers


  • 901/2 5-speed (dogleg)

  • ZF LSD Differential  

  • Porsche aluminium, hydraulic, racing clutch

  • KAMM gearshift lever, linkage


  • Front - Porsche 964
  • Rear – Brembo aluminum
  • Ventilated front and rear discs
  • Hydraulic handbrake


  • KAMM carbon fiber seats
  • Electric Air-Conditioning
  • Lightweight carpeting
  • Carbon fibre interior trim
  • Tilton pedalbox


  • Centre-lock 3-piece wheels
  • Yokohama AD08RS tyres


The 912c.

The process.

The process.

At KAMM our start line was the beautiful 912, restored meticulously by our expert team to provide the perfect basis for our creation.

Steel is replaced with carbon, seamlessly blended without trace, ensuring flawless fit and finish. KAMM engineers enhance the chassis, brakes suspension, wheels and tyres and replace all original elements with brand new, factory parts including lights, fixings and rubbers.

Swiss experts JPS Aircooled assist with the creation of our bespoke, high-performance 4-cylinder engine resulting in ultimate reliability combined with exemplary performance.

Bespoke paint finishes and interior redesign complete the transformation, before a thorough evaluation by KAMM Founder, Miklós Kázmér to ensure every 912c is worthy of the KAMM name ahead of client delivery.


The process.

The reason.

The reason.

The Story. The Design. The Simplicity.

The 912c is the lightest of all the road-going 911/912s, and has a better balance than a typical 911. The 4-cylinder 912 perhaps isn’t an obvious choice, but the KAMM 912c can make a handful of lucky drivers feel the pure and direct thrill behind the wheel once again, both on the track and road.

Its slim, narrow, and simple lines create the shape of the perfect classic sports car making the 912 an excellent choice for a KAMM creation.


The reason.

The team.

Kamm is a group of engineers, restoration experts, motorsports veterans, but most importantly, car fans to the bone.

Our guarantee of quality for the team and the product is seeking out the perfect fit for every single purpose so that everything performs smoothly at the level of quality Porsche is renowned for.


The team.

The origin.

Budapest has a surprisingly advanced car culture, nurtured by the desire for individuality.

During the socialistic era, drivers had to be creative when upgrading and styling whatever car they could get their hands on. This absolute love for the machinery together with the ambition to make cars as fast and slick as possible established a leading edge car scene in the Hungarian capital. 

KAMM is a proud offspring of this scene. All this passion, creativity, and ever-developing expertise are present to the last detail in every model we make. 

Our mission is to turn original classic cars into fast, reliable, and refined versions of themselves, whilst preserving their exciting analog driving experience.


The origin.