05. 03. 2024

Read How KAMManufaktur was born

KAMM was founded by Miklós (Miki) Kázmér in Budapest, Hungary, and focuses solely

on the 912 sports car produced between 1965-1969.

Unknown to many, Hungary has a long-tradition of car culture, with many generations

modifying Eastern Bloc cars with skilled ingenuity, as no off-the-shelf parts were

available. Once the import of Western vehicles started in the early 90s, Miki’s home city

of Budapest started to fill with Japanese and German performance cars and a new era

of Hungarian car culture began.

Miki has been a life-long fan of air-cooled cars, starting with the VW Beetle before

moving onto classic 911s and 912s. While he has owned, and loved, many versions of

both models, he never found his perfect car until he visited the Petersen Museum and

witnessed the original (67-68) 911R. Here was a car that was deliberately lightweight

and focused, with a 210hp motor and a back-to basics driving style.

That chance encounter inspired Miki to create the perfect 912 for himself, a car that

maintained classic looks while being fast and, most importantly, light. He found a donor

car and started work. At this time, Miki was (and still is) a film maker, so the 912 project

was a side-line project when the day job allowed, but development continued at a pace.

"Miki soon realised that off-the-shelf parts did not offer the levels of quality"

Miki soon realised that off-the-shelf parts did not offer the levels of quality, fit or

performance he required and, after numerous specialists promised to deliver…but

didn’t, he decided the only way to create the perfect 912 build was to amass a team of

specialists and complete a lot of work in-house with trusted partners. At this point, the

KAMM vision started to get serious, with more energy, time and investment focused

upon it.

After many years of painstaking attention to detail, and starting over to get things just

right, Miki was close to completing his perfect sports car and started to show other

Porsche enthusiasts. Word had also spread amongst the online air-cooled community

as Miki had started to discuss the car with those who were keen to know more. News of

KAMM was spreading.

Eventually the completed car was ready to drive in 2022 and, once some initial road and

track testing had been completed, it was clear this was a very accomplished and well-

balanced 912 restomod. A few months later, Miki decided to further refine the car, and

invited a small number of influential motoring journalists to evaluate the car in

development specification. Their verdict would determine if Miki had created a hit or


Every review was overwhelmingly positive, each reporting on its high-quality build,

racecar handling and explosive performance. KAMM was born, and the car was named

the 912c – the c standing for carbon fibre.

"Less than 2-years later the KAMM 912c is regarded as an exquisitely engineered, beautifully built, modern take on a 60s sports car icon"

Less than 2-years later the KAMM 912c is regarded as an exquisitely engineered,

beautifully built, modern take on a 60s sports car icon. In an age where electronics take

over many of the driver inputs, the KAMM 912c offers something different in the world of

restomods in that it maintains classic charm, with modern updates, instead of trying to

completely modernise the 912 driving experience.

No two KAMM 912c models will ever be alike as, while the original ethos of the car

created by Miki runs through every car, owners are able to personalise many elements

ranging from colour and trim to gear ratios and exhausts. Whether you favour road

driving, trackdays or a mix of both, KAMM will make a 912c to suit your own individual

style and personality.

Today KAMM has its own build facility, a team of skilled staff, a number of client cars are in

build, a brand new Full-Carbon model has been launched, and glowing global reviews continue

to be published. Miki continues to oversee his film agency as well as managing each and every

KAMM 912c build, and the evolution of the cars it produces. His creative nature never allowing

anything less than perfection, in every element.

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