07. 02. 2024

The KAMM 912c is one of the world’s best drivers cars. But don’t just take our word for it…

Our restomod interpretation of the classic Porsche 912 has received rave reviews by leading automotive journalists around the world. In this blog we look back at some of the standout comments from who have driven the KAMM 912c.

When the KAMM 912c officially launched in September 2022, press around the world filled their news pages with stories about the lightweight 912 from Budapest.

And, as we like to be as fast-paced as our cars, we ensured our prototype 912c was available for press evaluation just a month later, when selected journalists were invited to sample the Semi-Carbon 912c on the roads around the Goodwood Motor Circuit, in the UK.

Despite this being a raw, early development car, the 912c was very well received, with top magazines praising the car for its high-quality finish, exhilarating drive and outrageous performance…

Top Gear:

The quicker you go, the more alive the 912c becomes, it provides a fantastically analogue experience and is a brilliantly balanced car


It’s a 'Saturday morning thrash up a mountainside canyon road to a coffee shop' sort of car. Immersive like a Caterham.


Minimal weight and just-enough power is something journalists and engineers are always banging on about, and it’s lovely to drive a car that exemplifies that approach.


It’s beautifully built, stunning to look at and, if nothing else, truly unforgettable to drive. The Kamm 912c isn’t far from the restomod ideal.


This is mightily different to any 912 I’ve ever driven before, or even any 911.

Over the next few months, the prototype 912c was updated and refined to the latest production specification and, once again, the completed car was given to the press for their unbiased opinion, during the summer of 2023.

EVO: The car drives in its own inimitable way, flows sweetly down the road, unlocks the 912’s potential and evolves it into something different without losing its essential character or turning it into a caricature. It’s a totally absorbing machine to drive, fast or slow; a car in which you’re always in the moment

Magneto:  Conversely, because it weighs naff all, it feels deliciously quick – but the right kind of quick. You never feel like it’ll get away from you. The Yokohama AD08RS tyres, combined with some stellar engineering, keep you glued to the Tarmac. It steers sweetly, giving fingertip-tingling feedback with every millimetre of input

Robb Report: The 912c simply demands to be driven. You can’t switch into auto-pilot or simply go with the flow; your brain and body need to be actively engaged at all times. Its lightness seeps into every input, and every reaction to the road.

Hagerty: It does feel extraordinarily light at all times. The unassisted steering is a particular delight, painting a perfect picture of the road surface and grip levels. The brakes are stupendous, with a rock-hard pedal that needs a firm foot but rewards with a fabulous feel and prodigious stopping power.

And when Top Gear reviewed the latest car, they included the KAMM 912c in a collection of vehicles they called The Restogods.

We are rightly proud of our great reviews and, if you are in the market for a classic Porsche restomod, we encourage you to visit the Press Section of our website where you can read all reviews of the 912c, including features on the latest KAMM 912c Full-Carbon model.

Photo credit: Aston Parrott – EVO Magazine.